Interaction is

 at the heart of

the world’s existence

‘Interaction is at the heart of the world’s existence. ‘

Interconnection Concept

Interaction is at the heart of the world’s existenceThe interconnectedness of everything reflects the organization and unity of this world. Everything is in a relationship with each other and nothing is completely independent. One can even say that life itself is a form of material interactions. This works are based on a contact-centered cognition approach with a focus on interaction.

About                             Jekaterina

This young project comes from a passionate desire to do what I truly enjoy.‘ Jekaterina Smirnova Milgranier,  designer behind the brand, is sure that by doing her work honestly, she can pass that drive and energy through objects to people, bringing a fragments of beauty and authenticity in the daily life of other people. 

Her works have a unique authenticity and sensibility. By combining all sorts of materials, Jekaterina succeeds in finding unity in a variety of forms. 

Currently, her passion is stones, which is why she chose famous stone department in German university of Trier as a place for her master’s degree in art. Jekaterina, who was born in Riga, began her career as an architect, discovering her niche in visualizations, but later decided to experience her path in the field of contemporary jewellery, in the belief that it gives her greater freedom in personal fulfillment.


Milgranier brand is interested in how interaction leads to transformation, how sensibility affects the quality of contact and how relationships lead to synergistic effects. This works about all this.

According to Paul Klee, by reflecting on the appearance of the physical form, one comes to intuitive conclusions about the inner substance. All that comes from us is an opportunity to learn something new about ourselves, because the form is an expression of our inner content.

To be alive means to go outside to the border of oneself and the world – to the Place of interaction, where new feelings are born, developing the creative growth of personality. As a result, contact accumulates and directs experience, knowledge and ideas. This fruitfull contact leading to experience is based on sensual input. This contemporary art is looking for a human being, for a ‘co-author’.


All artworks are unique, handmade and created with sensibility and harmony. Collections unite an infinite variety of stones with titanium, silver, bronze and gold. Jekaterina creates forms, and then they start to live their own entirely new life and this is what makes the whole process interesting and meaningful.

Milgranier uses authentic working methods and tools, as well as beeswax for metal casting.

‘From each jewelry piece 10% will go to the Riga schools for books on self-development of emotional intelligence and communication skills.’

As project evolves, the dream is to organize lectures with the help of specialists about emotional intelligence for high school students. Milgranier strongly believes that such basic skills as emotional intelligence and communicative skills make life much easier and raise its quality.

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