Jewelry Care

All the jewellery pieces are made by hands. Milgranier works on each piece personally, reaching a unique and remarkable character.  We are glad to see that the piece from the piece differs in its unique way.  Milgranier heightens the irregularity of forms because it indicates that there is no involvement of mechanical work in the process of creation

FORMATION: Many pieces are made from wax initially, reproducing the movements and warmth of the hands. This way we get necessary plasticity and expressiveness of forms.

MATERIALITY: We choose the materials gently and thoroughly to create collections. Plenty of pieces is made of natural stones, which reveal their full power of pattern and texture.


STONES: All the stones are selected and hand-crafted. Milgranier adores the diversity and authenticity of the stones.



Due to their fragility, stones can easily crack when they hit against hard surfaces. This is a natural process and therefore calls for double care from the owner.


METALS, GOLD-PLATED, OXIDISATION: All metals will naturally scratch and show wear and patina with time. It is worth noting that gold-plated jewellery may scratch and rub over time, although we use the best quality of gold-plating. It requires a new plating from time to time. As well as all jewellery finishes, such as oxidising and polish will dull through wearing. The rate at which finishes diminish is dependent upon wear.  
We are always happy to renew gold-plating or re-oxidise any pieces you have bought from our studio, for the basic cost and postal charges.

DERMATOLOGICAL COMPATIBILITY: Also please note colour changes to the surface of the metals may be part of natural wear-and-tear. Unfortunately, we cannot be responsible for the compatibility of your unique skin with our jewellery. 
If any metals cause allergy or leave dark marks on your skin, consider buying titanium pieces. It is noteworthy that titanium is an anti-allergenic metal and is used even in medical applications.

EVERYDAY CARE: We recommend not to use perfumes, lotions, oils and any other cosmetic products near jewelry. All these products, as well as household chemicals, can react with gems and metals, causing discoloration and even corrosion of jewelry. Please put your jewelry on last. Please do not wear jewelry while swimming or bathing.

Each product is individually meticulously and carefully crafted – collections are handcrafted and, like any other such product, natural wear or accident can lead to repairs.

If so, please contact us for further details and cost estimates at (Please note that we are not responsible for the product until we receive it. )


Domestic shipping (EU)

All shipments across Europe of more than 150 euros are free of charge. All shipments within Europe are shipped by German Post registered and insured.

International shipping

All international orders will be sent by registered mail through the German Post or through other trackable, reliable post. Delivery time and cost depend on your location. Please contact us to discuss shipping costs.

Milgranier is not responsible for the payment of any duties, taxes or other fees assessed to international shipments and we are not responsible for any delays or other issues that may arise when shipping internationally. Once your order has shipped, you will receive an email with your tracking number.


For items in stock, orders are shipped within 2-6 working days. For products that are produced on request, we ensure that all orders are shipped within 1-4 weeks.

Sizing Guide

If you know your size, simply enter it in the order field. If you need to determine your size, we recommend that you go to the nearest jewellery shop and ask them to measure the size of the finger, to avoid inaccuracies.

It is advisable to measure the finger at the end of the day when the finger is the biggest, and not when the finger is cold, as this will make it very small. 

Extraordinarily wide rings and bands require a larger size (half-size or whole size).

Also keep in mind that the sizes of the rings are not international (there is a difference in the names of sizes between Europe, Germany, the United States, Great Britain and Switzerland).

Terms & Conditions

Welcome to the Milgranier Online Gallery. In using this online gallery store you agree with the following terms and conditions.

If you have any additional questions about your potential order, in addition to the information provided on our website, You can contact us by e-mail at 

Unique non-uniformity

Milgranier glorifies the power of human hands. The unevenness and uniqueness of each piece give the opportunity to experience the underlying messages of objects.

Please consider that every object made by hand, so there may be traces of the workmanship process on the pieces. These markings are not defects and are part of the composition. Since they are artistically made, there are no two identical pieces in the gallery.

Your Ring Size

If you need to determine your size, we recommend that you go to the nearest jewellery shop and ask them to measure the size of the finger, to avoid inaccuracies.

Please note that when you select ring size and place an order, our online shop is not responsible for your choice. If the size is wrong and you want to fix it, please contact us to discuss the details and price of the changes.

If you have any doubts about the size, please contact us before paying for your order. We will be glad to help you.


Every gold-plated piece is delicate and can scratch or wear out over time, even if we use the highest quality gold plating. We are glad to offer to upgrade gold plating at cost price plus transportation costs. We do not charge any additional fees for this service.

Earring Weights

Please note that weight and size are listed in the product description. In case of questions, we are always glad to answer you before your purchase.

Custom Orders

Please contact us regarding any custom orders and we will do our best to accommodate you. Most custom orders will have
a lead time of 4-6 weeks for delivery. Discounts and promotions do NOT apply to custom pieces. Custom handling fees may apply


Discount codes can NOT be used in conjunction with SALE items or items bundled in GIFTS sets.


All sales are final.  Each piece is made by hand specifically for you, so we can not provide a return or exchange. Please choose consciously.

All pieces are created in the workshop and tested for quality before they are ready to be shipped, but in rare cases, there may be a defect that we have not found. If there is any fault present, please contact us to discuss refunds and returns at Claims for faulty goods must be made within 2 weeks of purchase.

Lost or Damage

If your order has been lost or damaged in transit, please contact us within 5 working days after receiving the pieces so we may be able to assist you. Please note that Milgranier is not responsible for the loss of items if they have been delivered to an unprotected address.

Orders Policy


Privacy Policy


Migranier is happy to accept individual, ambitious orders. Which are based on sensual forms, rather than technical sophistication. The idea and style should also correspond to our worldview.

For better communication, it is always preferable to use skype rather than try to describe the design in emails. For more information contact us at

Your idea flashes in new connotations, created in our style.

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