“Materialism, both as a vision of the good life and as a cosmological basis underlying epistemology and modern science, drives humanity´s environmental crisis. Understanding development as a process of coevolution between knowledge, technology, social organisation, values, and nature provides an alternative cosmological and epistemological framing which both gives us perspective on materialism and suggests an alternative vision for the future.”

R. B. Norgaard

Rebirth| Brooch | carved coloured Agate Stone,  18ct gold


“… At the edge of a field

I felt the wholeness of a rock:

large and strong, it stood there humming

as only stones can—

in dew, a field of rye, and hope.”




In fact, everything around us, everything that is real is nothing but a combination of objects and phenomena that are in relation with each other. Nothing and nobody has absolute independence and any single connection is in the order of the world. All objects and events are the links of an infinite chain that embraces all things in one entity and this chain is moving forward. It is a kind of ‘thread’ that holds everything together. This interconnectedness reflects the organization of the world and the systems that hold it together. The connection of everything with everything can be seen as the unity of the world.

M | Brooch | carved reconstructed Stone,  9 ct gold

M1 | Brooch |carved reconstructed Stone,  9 ct gold

There is no movement in which there would be no interaction, and there is no interaction without movement. Interaction and movement are the forms of existence of matter.

M13 | Brooch |carved reconstructed Stone,  9 ct gold


Mother Earth

Mother Earth has given birth to all of us, to all the unknown, all the dark depths within us. We are all connected by our origins and each of us contains certain matters about which we have no knowledge and cannot experience in everyday life.

To appear – for a single entity or a single being – to go out into openness, to
appear between earth and sky, in the space and time interval.”
Eugen Fink 

A | Object |Milk Opal,  Bronze

The body of Earth,

My body,

Your body,

Man revives his body,

Earth revives its body,

The mud of the Earth,

The purity of the Earth,

The Earth’s melt waters,

The dirty body of Earth,

The gorgeous body of Earth,

The body of Earth,

My body,

Your body,

The mud of the Earth,

The purity of the Earth,


Canonization | Icon | Agate Druse, metal, wood

A13| Brooch | Agate Druse, metal, wood

‘Reflecting the processes of influence of different objects on each other, their mutual conditionality, change of state, mutual transition, as well as the generation of one object by another. Dynamics of cause-effect conditionality of movement, change and development in nature, society and thinking assumes inhomogeneity, heterogeneity, variety of forms of manifestation of existence and involvement of each fragment of being in the flow of universal interaction.’

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